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«One might see the world as a collection of atoms or as a well organized whole, one thing is clear: I am part of the whole...»

Marc Aurel


…to the Liechtenstein Academy, a competence center supporting companies, professional service providers and families. We support our stakeholders to bear responsibility within the family, the company and wider society. In our programs we are more concerned with education than training; we focus more on personality development than on specific technical issues.

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New program on Austrian Economics – starting in Autumn 2017

We think that the market is a social process and that it is high time to rethink prevailing economics. Therefore we offer with this program in [Austrian] Economics some innovative thoughts as well as strong arguments to face many of today’s sociopolitical and economic issues.

Semantic Traps Conference in Rome on 15 June 2017

To better understand the implications of words and phrases in public policy debates, the Liechtenstein Academy Foundation in co-operation with Unitelma Sapienza organized a conference entitled «Semantic traps. Politics with loaded terms» on 15 June 2017 in Rome.

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