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New program on Austrian Economics – starting in Autumn 2017

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We think that the market is a social process and that it is high time to rethink prevailing economics. Therefore we offer with this program in [Austrian] Economics some innovative thoughts as well as strong arguments to face many of today’s sociopolitical and economic issues.

Semantic Traps: Report

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Semantic Traps Have you ever wondered how many of our habitually used terms have assumed quite different meanings or, maybe deliberately, have even taken on undertones that suggest something detrimental to what we wanted to get across? Especially in the political discourse, these «semantic traps» they are misleading, hazardous and seriously weaken our civil liberties…. More »

Schloss Freudenfels has a new General Manager

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Dear guests of Schloss Freudenfels, Daniela Mettler is our new General Manager at Schloss Freudenfels. After completing her studies at the Hotel Management School in Lucerne, Daniela Mettler took on the position of Food & Beverage Manager at the Hotel Einstein St. Gallen. She then transferred as Marketing and Sales Manager to the Hotel Heiden,… More »

Tip: New year resolutions with after effects

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Question all areas of life Do you know the saying: «You have to keep private and business matters separate»? A well-known saying that, at least in the case of new year resolutions, which are a definition of personal changes, should be called into question. Personality cannot be separated. This magic triangle illustrates this interdependency. Every… More »