• ProgramsforCompanies©

    Sophisticated learning programs tailor-made for future-oriented and accountable companies.

    Learn how to implement successful and sustainable change through efficient, entrepreneurial and forward-focused leadership.

  • ForumsforFamilies©

    Exclusive forums for sharing experience and knowledge between members of influential entrepreneurial families.

    Discover how to take responsible action through understanding the importance of values, relationships and social developments.

  • SeminarsforIndividuals©

    Public academic seminars for exploring the interplay between individuals, companies and society.

    Understand how to balance the increasingly complex responsibilities and challenges of your own professional and social life.

  • About Us

    The Liechtenstein Academy Foundation is an internationally recognized training institution that belongs to the Princely House of Liechtenstein. At its heart, it focuses on social, entrepreneurial and family issues within the context of personal responsibility and economics. These topics are explored through the latest scientific knowledge using proven methods and conveyed to a far-sighted public.


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