«Family (Business) Governance Seminar for Service Providers» in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen

Published on in SeminarsforIndividuals

The positive feedback received from the participants last year induced us to hold another governance seminar. This year too, the focus was on familiarizing participants such as fiduciaries, family office representatives and bank professionals with the governance structures and processes within the context of family enterprises and entrepreneurial families. Within the scope of an integrated governance approach, the two experts, Dr. Frank Halter and Prof. Thomas Zellweger of the Center for Family Business of the University of St. Gallen, explained the key conceptual parameters and instruments in relation to corporate, ownership, family and wealth governance and also dealt with the challenges posed by the succession process. The central aim of the seminar was to provide the participants with a comprehensive picture of the various mechanisms, especially the development from a transaction-oriented adviser logic towards a development-oriented service and care process. Once again the exchange of views and ideas was extremely intensive and was highly appreciated by the participants. In spite of their different backgrounds, many of them felt they were confronted with the same challenges.

Find here a summary of the key points, written by Maximilian Groh from the Center for Family Business of the Unitersität St. Gallen»