Feedback on the seminar: «Inspiration and sovereignty»

Published on in SeminarsforIndividuals

Once again, employees from various companies from all over the German-speaking world met for a one-week seminar at Schloss Freudenfels near Stein am Rhein (CH. The aim of the seminar was to deal intensively with personal performance and a successful way of life. The following questions were the focus of the seminar:

  • What helps me to tap my full potential at all times?
  • How do I keep myself mentally and physically fit in the long term?
  • What effect do I have on my environment and how am I perceived?
  • How do I reconcile my own needs with the demands of my environment?

The benefit of the seminar lay in the differentiated view of one's own patterns of life and behaviour. By means of practical impulses individual behavior patterns could be recognized, which mostly unknowingly limit the efficiency. In addition, various methods were shown with which motivation, creativity, work performance and mental strength can be sustainably improved. The wonderful weather and the unique ambience of Schloss Freudenfels offered an important framework for this seminar to be a great personal success.

«For me, the week at Schloss Freudenfels was a challenging enrichment in every respect, in the midst of a beautiful landscape, with surprising culinary delicacies and a warm and generous hospitality.»

Participant 2018

The next seminar will take place in September 2019 at Freudenfels Castle. More information on the seminar (in German only)»