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More and more people are longing for simple explanations and solutions. An unmistakable sign that our living conditions are becoming increasingly complex. For this reason, we will publish 12 blog posts this year that deal with this timely issue.

It is important for us to consider very different perspectives in order to offer you the most stimulating possible offer. For this we have been able to win four well-known guest authors who, with no editorial filters, write about their personal thoughts on this very interesting topic. Look forward to philosophical insights from Dr. Ina Schmidt, humorous thoughts of our therapeutic clown Michael Trybek, astute thoughts by our language and legal expert Carlos A. Gebauer and constructive considerations of our health expert Christoph von Oldershausen.

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Your Liechtenstein Academy team

Never change a winning team, right?


Global professional sport is one thing above all: mercilessly result-oriented. Who remembers the 2nd place in the 100 meter sprint at the Olympics, the semi-finalists of Wimbledon or the last Champions League season? That's right, neither do I. What really counts is the top, the 1st place. That's exactly why professional athletes strive to continually optimize their performance and to ultimately perform not just at 99% but at 100.

Alf Ramsey, coach of the English national football team from 1963-1974, coined the famous sentence: «Never change a winning team». Just how right he was with his statement was proven by the fact that England won the title at the 1966 World Cup under his leadership. He trusted a team that he wanted to change as little as possible from game to game in order not to jeopardize success.

The All Blacks, the New Zealand national rugby team, has been one of the most successful teams in international sports in the last few years and provides an alternative. One of the guiding principles the team follows is: «When you are on top of your game, change your game». The statement is as simple as it is drastic.

At first glance, the two statements could hardly be more contradictory – the desire for stability stands against the desire for change; the result orientation against the process orientation. At second glance, it becomes clear that both teams are right about their strategy, as they have both become world champions.

In addition, the real art lies less in the contradiction than in the combination of both strategies. No training program in the world can work if it doesn't get enough time to be implemented. No team can reach its full potential if it doesn't feel the coach's full confidence. In short, top performance does not come about in an environment of uncertainty, neither in professional sport, nor in business. In order to promote and sustain top performance, a climate of trust and security is needed.

At the same time, we must ensure that this safety is not confused with standstill. It is not a question of always having to do the same things – on the contrary! Rather, we should see change as an opportunity, even as a necessity, to make something good even better. And that is where we come full circle – we should not start only when our performance is already declining and we are no longer competitive, but precisely when we are «on top of our game». That's what we learn from professional sport – it's (almost) always more fun to actively shape change than to face «fait accompli» and have to change, whether in sport, at work or at home.

Written by: Christoph von Oldershausen