About Us

The Liechtenstein Academy Foundation is an internationally working training institution that belongs to the Princely House of Liechtenstein. At its heart, it focuses on social, entrepreneurial and family issues within the context of personal responsibility and economics. These topics are explored through the latest scientific knowledge using proven methods and conveyed to a far-sighted public.

We, the Liechtenstein Academy Foundation, develop tailor-made training solutions for entrepreneurs, companies and individuals. Get to know our team and gain an overview of our unique network of experts.

Get to know our Foundation Board»
  • H.S.H. Prince Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein, Chairman LGT Group, Vaduz
  • H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, CEO LGT Group, Vaduz
  • S.D. Prinz Hubertus von und zu Liechtenstein, member of the Board of Directors of LGT Bank AG in Liechtenstein and LGT Bank (Switzerland)
  • Dr. André Lagger, CEO Financial Services, LGT Financial Services AG, Vaduz
  • Dr. Erik Müller, Member of the Executive Board of First Advisory Group
  • Dr. Magnus Pirovino, Partner Opiro Finance Partners, Triesen
  • Nathalie Merkofer Koenig, Head Group Human Resources, LGT Bank AG, Vaduz
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erich Kirchler, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna

  • Our Team

    As a small team, consisting of different personalities with different educational backgrounds and experiences, we interact with our clients on an equal footing and are able to respond exactly to their specific needs.

  • Our Experts

    In order to expand our areas of expertise, we work very closely with our network of international experts from the fields of science and business.

  • Our Campus

    Our Campus Schloss Freudenfels provides as inspiring location for developing new ideas and concepts, as well as exploring new questions.

  • Our Mission

    The Liechtenstein Academy aims to put people at the center and provide them with the competencies and knowledge to enable autonomous participation in an increasingly complex society.

  • News & Blog

    In addition to all of the Liechtenstein Academy Foundation’s offerings, there is always something special going on, which is worth sharing. Discover the range of our versatile activities.