With our first-class offerings, we support entrepreneurial families address key questions about responsibility, values and assets.

Global Family Séjour

Significant entrepreneurial success can lead to the building up of affluence over generations and the families responsible taking on a special societal role. The aim of the Global Family Séjour is to support such families in developing strategies to help them organize and balance personal wealth, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and their leadership in society.


The objective of the Global Family Séjour is to help leading families develop and strengthen their goal orientation, responsibility, entrepreneurial creativity and the articulation of family values.

Content and Format

The Global Family Séjour facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences among peers, creating enjoyment about the challenging yet worthwhile and rewarding task of balancing family wealth, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and leadership in society.

Case studies will be presented that show how entrepreneurial families succeeded in motivating the next generation, as well as how they developed and successfully implemented their values. Heads of leading families will share their experiences of both communicating and implementing their values and visions, as well as how they manage their family fortunes. Experts will provide insights into the most recent scientific findings on all the key topics covered and lead workshops to help deepen understanding and encourage a positive attitude towards the natural leadership role assumed by affluent families.


To ensure an atmosphere of trust and openness, participation is by invitation only and limited to a select number of leading family members. This gathering is not open to representatives from service providers.

Families from Europe, the USA, Latin America, Africa and Asia took part in the last Global Family Séjour.

Family Governance Roundtables

What circumstances help family members reach their full potential? In this one-day roundtable – which focuses on family values, governance and leadership – between five and seven families with similar backgrounds and set-ups discuss and compare their family governance practices. We invite a select group of like-minded families and provide them with the latest research, as well as the opportunity to have well-known experts answer their individual questions.

Most importantly, each family member needs to understand how to develop, in order to fulfill their potential and play a positive role within the family and within society.


Our extensive research shows that responsible management of wealth, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and their inevitable leadership within society are the central issues that concern affluent families. The objective of our roundtable is to support participants tackle these key areas.

Content and Format

Family conflicts are one of the greatest destroyers of families, their businesses and their wealth. In many cases, well-structured governance and a strong communication process remove the threat of conflict.

Another important challenge many families face is the question of how the wider family, particularly the future leaders from the next generation, can be inspired and motivated by entrepreneurship and responsibility.

Therefore all roundtable topics give families the opportunity to discuss and compare the pros and cons of each participant's family governance practices, their family participation and management, as well as their family values. This creates a deep level of understanding among the participants, which leads to valuable suggestions for improvement for each family.


Between five and seven affluent families from different countries are personally selected and invited to take part in each roundtable. A compatibility of interests is an important criterion when a group is formed. Great care is taken that families of similar types, sizes, set-ups and portfolio levels are placed together.