Examples & Testimonials

Here, at a glance, gain an overview of the programs we have successfully delivered to our clients.

LGT Academy

For more than 20 years, our programs have been an integral part of personal development within the LGT Group. Through the LGT Academy, we have created an offering that is unique worldwide, which is aimed at employees of all levels, nationalities, age groups and cultures.

The goal is not that of traditional professional training, but the integrated development of body and mind, along with strengthening the capacity for personal reflection. The modules, which build on one another, are based on a novel educational concept that aims at stimulating sustainable change processes among the participants. Well over 2,000 employees of the LGT Group have been convinced of the benefits.

The following list provides an initial overview of the individual modules. We look forward to providing you with further details during a personal discussion and to developing, together with you, an offer tailored to you and your company.

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LGT Academy «Be.Yourself»

This one-week program is the LGT Academy’s foundation module, open to employees of all levels and locations. It provides a compact basis for all further LGT Academy programs. Participants gain insights into various facets of integrated personality development and experience the Academy spirit for the first time. The focus is on the core subjects of movement, nutrition and the brain, as well as social and personal competence.

LGT Academy «Understand.Yourself»

Over a two-year period, participants will take part in two separate residential weeks at Schloss Freudenfels. They will strengthen their understanding of themselves through modules like resilience, learning and memory, energy balance and philosophical living. The content is grounded in sound scientific study and will be conveyed by our experts in a practical way. In addition, the topics will be developed further in the period between the two residential weeks via an online learning platform. The two week-long changes of scene, which provide new and unusual living conditions, as well as the opportunity to put into practice what has been learned, is another integrated but voluntary part of the program.

LGT Academy «Understand.Context»

In this program the interplay of personality and the immediate environment is explored. Participants learn to apply their own strengths effectively and efficiently, to question common decision-making and thought patterns, sharpen their communication skills and reflect on topics like purpose, well-being and happiness in a personal context. In an exciting simulation with horses, the participants will receive impartial feedback on what they have learned. This program takes place over two years and includes two separate residential weeks at Schloss Freudenfels. By means of virtual learning units, the program content in the period between the two residential weeks is further deepened.

LGT Academy «Manage.Complexity»

This one-week program at Schloss Freudenfels focuses on the complexity of the world around us. Complexity is understood as one of the main challenges of our time. Participants learn to broaden their understanding of themselves and their environment, develop awareness and the skills needed to cope better with uncertainties and challenges, and react more effectively to unforeseen events.

LGT Academy «Drive.Performance»

The focus of this three-day program is on the topic of «sustainable high performance» with the aim of tackling future challenges with (even more) enjoyment, as well as mental and physical strength. Participants determine their current situation, question their own habits, learn new strategies and develop a personal «To Be Vision». With a variety of tools, the participants are also supported in an initial implementation phase.