Our offerings are specifically shaped to the needs of our target groups. The tailor-made seminars combine the latest scientific know-how with proven practical methods. In addition, we offer a unique platform where participants can exchange ideas and experiences in a safe environment.

We place a lot of value on balancing methodological didactic content with active participation. The goal is to stimulate sustainable change processes through high-quality learning material, first-class experts and a modern competence-orientated learning design.

St. Galler Family (Business) Governance Seminar for Service Providers

The seminar is aimed at experienced consultants in financial trust, asset management, family offices, management consulting and mediation from German-speaking countries. Such consultants should currently, or will in the future, be providing extensive advice and support to large or complex family businesses. The objective is to provide participants with new insights from theory and practice, which they can apply to their own working environment. They are also given the opportunity of expanding their consultancy expertise by the active sharing of experience.

The seminar focuses on governance structures and processes in the context of entrepreneurial families and their businesses. Understanding the necessity of integrated governance, we convey and discuss the essential design dimensions for the areas of family-, corporate-, ownership- and wealth-governance.

Sovereignty through Conflict-free Communication

This seminar is aimed at experienced executives and specialists in business, politics and the public sector. Participants receive new input and stimuli which are constantly placed within the context of their own working environment in the discussions. Participants also benefit from experience-oriented learning, gained by actively exchanging experiences with each other and the lecturer. The number of places is limited to 15.

Seminars offered in German only»

Austrian Economics

Although the Austrian School of National Economics is one of the most innovative schools of thought, there is currently no comprehensive introduction open to the broader public. This course tackles that remarkable shortcoming. At its core, the newly developed Austrian Economics course summarizes the methodological approach, the fundamental philosophical principles and the essential economic and social theories of the Austrian School in a condensed and comprehensible form. The historical development of ideas and the practical significance of the Austrian School will also be explained, along with its most influential figures and their most notable contributions.

Details of the course will be published shortly.