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General legal information

By using the Liechtenstein Academy Foundation (“Liechtenstein Academy”) web page, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions. Any special agreements concerning individual Liechtenstein Academy services apply in addition to these legal provisions; however, if there is a conflict, the special agreements take precedence.

1. Access

None of the information on this web page is intended for persons or companies from countries in which viewing such information entails any form of registration requirement on Liechtenstein Academy’s part. Furthermore, persons subject to a jurisdiction that prohibits viewing information on the Liechtenstein Academy web page are not permitted to view said information.

2. No guarantee that the information is up to date, correct or complete

The Liechtenstein Academy continually checks and updates the information on their web page. Despite best efforts, this information may nevertheless be out of date or based on incorrect data provided by third parties. Therefore, no liability can be accepted or guarantee given for the information provided being up to date, correct and complete.

3. Linked web pages

Users must be aware that the Liechtenstein Academy has no control whatsoever over third-party web pages linked to or from the Liechtenstein Academy web page and therefore accepts no liability for the content of such web pages being correct, complete and legally valid or for the products and services offered on such web pages.

No third party is permitted to link any other web page to a Liechtenstein Academy web page without obtaining Liechtenstein Academy’s express prior written consent.

4. Changes or additions to the information

The Liechtenstein Academy reserves the right to make changes or additions to the information provided at any time without prior notice.

5. Property rights

The content and structure of this web page are protected by copyright. Individual pages and/or sections of the Liechtenstein Academy web page may be stored or printed out, provided neither the copyright information nor any legally protected trademarks are removed. Anyone saving software or other data provided on the Liechtenstein Academy website or reproducing it in any other way implicitly agrees to the conditions of use. All intellectual property rights remain with the Liechtenstein Academy. The Liechtenstein Academy web page may be reproduced in full or in part, in particular the text and images, forwarded electronically or by other means, altered, linked to or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes only with Liechtenstein Academy’s prior approval.

6. Exclusion of liability

The Liechtenstein Academy expressly accepts no liability for direct or indirect losses or damage or consequential damage arising from use or accessing of the Liechtenstein Academy web page or links to third-party web pages or from viewing information on the web pages.

Furthermore, the Liechtenstein Academy accepts no liability for any unauthorized manipulation of Internet users' IT systems. The Liechtenstein Academy ex-pressly draws users' attention to the risk of viruses and the threat of hacker attacks. Using the latest browser version and antivirus software is thus strongly recommended. E-mails from unknown senders should not be opened.

7. Data protection and data transfer security

We expressly draw users' attention to the fact that data that are transferred via public networks such as the Internet or e-mail services can be accessed by anyone. The Liechtenstein Academy cannot guarantee the confidentiality of messages or documents sent via such public networks. Anyone sending personal information (such as senders' and recipients' names and addresses) via a public network should be aware that third parties may be able to view, store and use it without their permission. Third parties may thus be able to deduce existing or prospective accounts and business relationships.

Even if the sender and recipient are in the same country, data transferred between them often pass through other countries, including countries that do not offer the same level of data protection as the country in question, without being subject to any controls.

Data may be lost or intercepted by unauthorized third parties during the transfer process. We accept no liability for the security of data transferred via the Internet or for direct or indirect losses. For data protection and security reasons, users are advised to contact the Liechtenstein Academy via other means of communication.