Many of our course participants ask for an expanded offering that supports exploring «the topics of life.» This has now become possible with the AcademyOnline knowledge platform, which is available regardless of time and place. AcademyOnline provides various pieces of information about personality development in an entertaining way. Text, image, audio and, of course, many film files are used. Photos, of the time at company events, for instance, can be shared and forums invite to exchange experiences.

Broad general knowledge can open doors and is therefore not only but also of particular significance client contact.

The network of experts of the Liechtenstein Academy offers first-hand, scientifically sound information that is prepared for AcademyOnline in a clear manner. Users of the knowledge platform can not only get deeper insight into the topics which they touched upon at our courses, but also discover many new, surprising and moving things – content that supports the expansion of one’s own horizon. It is possible to subscribe to updates when new content is placed and to discuss subjects with our experts directly. For instance, a health forum is online with answers provided by experts that are available to everyone. Furthermore, AcademyOnline offers horizon-broadening content, for instance on art history, winemaking or philosophy.

Every company is unique. It has its own characteristic culture and relevant issues, its own way of communication and its own customs. Therefore it is only natural to design our AcademyOnline contents with the company to fit the company’s own needs.

Some initial feedback from the users of an organization, which has decided to take our product:

«The platform provides highly informative content, which is delivered in a comprehensive and attractive mix of text and new media”, said the company’s chief security officer. “I also like the layout, which is clear and simple, without unnecessary frills and flashiness».

Another user took advantage of the forum and exchange possibilities: «When I discovered the health forum, its experts were immediately able to provide me with a competent answer to a heath question I had», reported the head of the risk team.

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