LGT Academy

A question of personality

«We regard training and professional education as a process which should engage body and mind equally. Only for those who know and understand themselves are capable of truly understanding others.» says H.S.H. Prince Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein, founder and Chairman of the Foundation Board of the LGT Academy (founded in 1995), on the subject of „integrated personality development“.

Today the independent Liechtenstein Academy Foundation organizes and carries out the training programs on behalf of LGT. Its integrative concept encompasses all areas of life and is distinguished by the its very own, new kind of institution for the education of staff, management and next generation staff – across all hierarchies, nationalities, age groups and cultures. Its objective is not traditional specialist training, but the holistic development of personality, the integrated development of body and soul. The cross-linked program, the daily schedule and the first class speakers from scientific fields of theory and practice are all part of a unique concept.

LGT Academy «Be.Yourself»

The one-week LGT Academy «Be.Yourself» is the introduction module, with which every employee starts out. The module is offered twice each year in German and twice in English at Schloss Freudenfels. In this module the participants gain an insight into holistic personality development and experience the LGT Academy spirit for the first time.

LGT Academy «Understand.Yourself»

In this three-week module our experts will review and go into detail on topics of personality development from a scientific perspective. Within a period of two years, the participants attend two week-long courses at Schloss Freudenfels. Between the courses, the course content is broadened and deepened by means of an online learning platform. The one-week «Role change» (deployment in a social institution) is a further integral but voluntary part of the program.

LGT Academy «Understand.Context»

This seminar focuses on the interaction between personality and the immediate environment, i.e. conduct and behavior in social systems. It also extends over two years and consists of a total of ten course days of required physical attendance. The course material is broadened and deepened by means of online learning units.

LGT Academy «Manage.Complexity»

In this one-week seminar we concentrate on the complexity of the world we live in. The aim is for participants to gain a better understanding of themselves and their environment, as well as to develop awareness and skills in order to better deal with uncertainties and react flexibly to unforeseen events.

LGT Academy «Maximize your reach»

This 2.5 day enduring program followed by individual coaching is designed for senior executives on a level of leading or expertise. The individual «sustainable high performance» will be fostered. Under this condition your excitement to handle challenges is evident, and your mental and physical energy both are abundant. People perceive you as present, responsive, and focused. You implement sound judgement and innovative solutions, maximizing your impact on your team, company, brand and your family.