Global Family Séjour

Outstanding entrepreneurial success and associated wealth put some families in a natural leadership role: they are leading families. The intention of the Global Family Séjour, is to help such families develop strategies allowing them to balance and organize their personal wealth with entrepreneurial creativity, philanthropy and leadership in society.


The objective of the Global Family Séjour is to support leading families in strengthening and developing their sense of purpose, responsibility and entrepreneurial creative edge through the development and articulation of sound family values.

Content and Format

The Global Family Séjour serves to share experiences and ideas among peers, creating excitement about the challenging yet rewarding task of balancing family wealth with entrepreneurial creativity, philanthropy and leadership in society.

Case studies will show how entrepreneurial families succeeded in engaging the next generation in developing and implementing values. Heads of very well-known families will share their experiences on how to instil the next generation with values and a vision and how to cope successfully with the family fortune. World renowned keynote speakers and workshops will aim to stimulate a deeper understanding and an enthusiastic attitude towards leading families’ natural leadership position.


To ensure an atmosphere of trust and frankness, participation is by invitation only and limited to a number of decision makers of leading families. This gathering excludes all service providers.