Understanding wealthy families

„Understanding wealthy families“ is a seminar for professional service providers. Its aim is to increase emotional competence and enhance empathy in taking care of clients.

Seeing your clients as social systems.

Knowledge of the typical constellations within families which are wealthy or have their own company, is a prerequisite here. This includes the relationships between the generations, the decision-making processes, the regulation of succession as well as the accompanying emotions.


  • Knowledge of the specific constellations, motives, processes and conflicts within wealthy families
  • Understanding the client’s actual situation. This always involves the core themes of responsibility, trust, recognition, and cooperativeness
  • Recognizing the client’s needs and proposing solution options
  • Development of emotional skills and empathy
  • Platform for the exchange of experiences among service providers

Content and format

„Understanding wealthy families“ is a one-day seminar with a program in the evening prior to the seminar. Experienced service providers reflect on, broaden and deepen their knowledge at the seminar and are shown how to quickly build up a strong relationship based on trust with their clients. On the basis of practical experience and case studies, the specific circumstances relating to wealthy families are analyzed, discussed and systematized.

These studies provide professional service providers with a comprehensive overview of the special relationships between the members of wealthy families, the combination of sense and sensibility which determines the complex interrelationships in such families.


For professional service providers, who wish to enhance their emotional skills and exchange experiences. From 12 to 15 persons may participate in each seminar.