Mediative Competence in Advising Families

For many service providers the complex psycho-social dynamics in wealthy families represent a particular challenge. In providing advice, they must take into consideration the economic, legal and emotional aspects, differentiate between the various roles and interests, and communicate effectively with several generations having different value systems.

Service providers cannot successfully navigate these complicated situations purely on the basis of their professional skills and experience. Advisory processes in this context require other ways and means of communication and interaction, and the competence to develop relationships based on trust, even and especially in contradictory and conflicting situations. This is precisely the theme of the program «Mediative Competence in Advising Families».


  • Recognize the added value of mediative competence in advising processes
  • Understand psycho-social dynamics in wealthy families
  • Introduction to the approach of interest-based communication

Content and format

«Mediative Competence in Advising Families» is a one-day seminar with an evening program prior to the schedule. A short questionnaire in advance customizes the contents due to the specific needs of the participants. The topic will be introduced a day before in an open round-table discussion followed by the evening meal. On the upcoming day further issues like neurobiological research, communication and conflict management extend the subject of mediation.


The seminar was aimed at experienced service providers, who have frequent and intensive contact with the members of wealthy families.

From 10 to 12 persons may participate in each seminar.