Personality and Conflict Management

  • Did you ever ask yourself why you sometimes react the way you do?
  • Why do others behave so differently than we expect?
  • Why do we understand some people so easily while others seem to be a mystery?

In this workshop we will talk about the uniqueness of each human being and their individual perspective of reality. We will focus on personal preferences and predispositions. These are evident in our personal communication and conflict styles. Better understanding of the differences in human behavior will help you adjust your decisions and actions. It will improve your communication style and conflict management and increase your effectiveness.

You will receive your personal result of the Jungian Personality Profile (JPP) based on a questionnaire, which you will have completed before the workshop.

You will discover the dynamics of the different conflict types and get input through hands-on exercises and case studies so that you can transfer the insights into everyday life.