Family Governance

In contrast to earlier centuries, when wealth was inherited over many generations in the form of landed estates, in the last 200 years many business entrepreneurs have attained great wealth. Regardless of how the wealth was acquired, it has proved difficult to safeguard it over the long term among descendants. Consequently, clear rules are essential for every family enterprise. A systematic form of family management, i.e. family governance, is required to enable a family company to function properly. This encompasses the definition of the corporate strategy as well as the values and goals of the family.

We now know that family governance not only safeguards the preservation of family wealth, but also provides important guidelines for a harmonious and successful family life. In spite of its immense significance, family governance is frequently not taken seriously enough or neglected.

Our approach to family governance goes beyond wealth planning and asset management; we include the critical human components and deal in depth with philanthropy and family leadership.