Family Therapy for Business

Many family businesses are owned and managed by members of the founding family. One of the most significant threats to these family businesses comes from difficult dynamics within that family and between the family members. Family Therapy for Business has been designed to address the specific issues that occur within families that control family businesses or other significant assets.

Family Therapy offers areas of expertise that support everyone in the family to be more relational to each another and to become aware of familial patterns of damaging behaviour that may have been repeated generation after generation.

The Recovery Centre has developed Family Therapy for Business to provide support and guidance for families to help create and sustain a healthy and positive family ecosystem. Family Therapy for Business is a bespoke service for each individual family. Every family ecosystem is unique and one has to work towards maintaining it’s individuality, through the integration of practical techniques and resources, which enables each family member to feel confident and comfortable in their role within the family also within the family business (where appropriate).

Family Therapy for Business assists family members to:

  • address significant problems through open and honest communication
  • explore attitudes and behaviours within the family unit that have a negative impact on a family member or the family as a whole
  • work towards helping you find solutions in response to your specific needs