My environment and I

In „My environment and I“ we deal with the interaction between people and organizations in relation to the social environment. In the broadest sense, the interaction between an individual and his social environment is influenced by how the various participants perceive a specific situation and how they act and react to it. Communication processes play a decisive role in such situations.

Our systematic approach enables us to gain an insight into the intrinsic logic of social systems and how they work, as well as how they can be influenced by means of social interaction.

Differentiations can be ascertained in this context between people within a company, between the company and the environment, but also between family members and the changes in their relationships over the course of time.

Here life and practical experience provide us with only very selective, partial insights. The reciprocity between the individual and his environment is still largely an unknown area. It is dotted with handed down conventions but still largely has to be entered without maps or guides.