Experiencing creativity

Music and consciousness

Since the beginning of human development, music and dance have served as an elementary expression of well-being and joy. They can induce an array of emotions. Music is therefore much more than a means of entertainment; it is an integral part of the life of human beings and is regarded as the highest form of non-verbal expression.

Music has a sustained effect on our emotions and inspires our spirit and creativity. Just a few bars of a piece of music can have a radical impact on our mood. If we are aware of these facts, music provides us with a means of getting in touch with our feelings and enables us to control periods of tension and relaxation in our jobs and our daily lives.

Art and Design

  • Do you know that in addition to logical/rational thought processes there are other ways of exploring and creatively experiencing new themes and topics?
  • Do you know how you can overcome the preconceptions that restrict your creativity, your career or your private life?
  • Do you know what role you play when you are part of a team that is engaged in a creative or design project?

What we offer:

Unleash your own creativity, discover something new, let yourself be inspired by others – and in doing so leave aside your usual thought processes and preconceptions. Leave some room for spontaneity, create surprising colours and shapes, and rediscover yourself in the process; share the pleasure in a group and integrate these new freedoms in your job and daily life.