Exercise & nutrition

Exercise has many positive effects on people: it fosters health and a sense of well-being. Regular exercise keeps us fit, brightens our mood and can even counter depression. Furthermore, exercise helps reduce the risk of widespread illnesses such as cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, back pain and intestinal cancer, etc.

Physically active people live longer and remain independent well into old age. Actively utilizing the power of movement, which can express itself in added reserves of energy, improved concentration or enhanced creativity, should become a way of life.

Besides other elements of personal life style, nutrition is an integral component of our overall health. And here it is not just a question of safeguarding the growth, health, and ability to function of our bodies; food and eating are also an integral part and manifestation of our culture. What and how we eat is influenced by many factors and also incorporates communicative and social aspects. Our food directly influences our health and well-being. Accordingly, knowing how to eat properly and to use food as a source of enjoyment and energy is an important skill.


Discover the art of interaction on the water. Pulling together across a lake early in the morning, intensely aware of the natural environment and the interaction with the other members of your team. This enables your body to build up a reserve of energy and oxygen to ensure a successful day of learning. Pulling together as a team in a boat is incredibly exciting. Rowing presents many challenges and unknown experiences; you learn a lot about yourself, your partners and the interaction in a team. It’s a lot of fun to discover new ways of working and interacting together. Looking for the best in other people and seeking ways to reinforce those qualities enhances team spirit, provides a sense of purpose and engenders success in your rowing crew, and in your daily work.