Learning & memory

The faster the world changes, the more important learning, relearning and further learning become. Thanks to new technologies, we have available almost unlimited amounts of information from the most varied sources of knowledge. This flood of information makes high demands on our information management processes.

To enable us to grasp, comprehend and process information, and to build up our own knowledge, we need to understand the essentials of efficient learning processes. We must also be able to optimize our own individual learning ability, and be capable of using techniques to efficiently manage our own cognitive activities such as paying attention, learning and memorizing.

Train your brain

«What was your name again?» «What did I want to do?» Do you continually ask yourself these questions? «Ah well, at my age that’s to be expected.»

Perhaps that’s right, but you could change things. This subject is about how you can train your memory so that it doesn’t let you down so often. What does your brain need to enable you to improve your concentration at work and at home? What tips and tricks are there to improve your memory? Based on the latest research, you discover in this seminar how to make the best of your memory.