Elements of Asian wisdom

Creation, principle, development

The question of how to live a good life – or to be more precise: how to deal properly with stress, pressure and high demands – is a universal one. People from completely different cultures repeatedly ask themselves the same question: How should I live in order to have a calm, happy and balanced life?

Asian religion and philosophy such as Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism have formulated answers to these questions, which also fascinate people in the West. The principles of Asian wisdom provide us with an array of interesting perspectives, techniques and ideas on how to improve our lives.


Anyone who has ever attempted to think of nothing for a few minutes will have realized that this is not as simple as it appears. Reminders of unfinished business or worries and anxieties quickly fill your mind. At first it can seem really difficult to switch off from all cognitive activity. However, with the aid of appropriate training it is possible to empty and calm the mind. This state can also be a highly effective form of preparation for dealing with stress and pressure.

Tai JI

The old Tai Ji masters had a saying: «your energy goes where your imagination goes» – meaning that body and mind are inseparable!

Learn about pressure and resistance within yourself and in connection to others. Practice how to open and how to lead humans without manipulation but by dissolving resistance. Experience the fascinating principles that the old Tai Ji masters developed and understand why these principles have nearly gone lost and how they can be brought into accordance with modern science.